My Secret to Posing for Photos with Horses

The Secret is... there's no secret!

A photo session with a horse is one of those things that you can very rarely control everything. Horses are horses. They are messy, silly, lovely, big, and have lots of opinions. It's why we love them! Every horse has a unique personality, and taking photos with your horse is a beautiful way to capture all the things we love about them. That being said... sometimes it is hard! They are big and strong, they like to move, and they'd rather be eating grass 90% of the time. Getting them to stand still, look pleasant, AND getting yourself to look how you want is a task! This is why we hire the professionals... hi! I love to manage the chaos, and I promise we will find a way to capture everything you love about your horse.

Photoshoots with ponies can be full of laughter! Dot the pony snatched some grass while her owner laughed and posed.
Step 1:

Plan to Embrace Some Chaos

We love them. We do. Even when they're dragging us across the field, sneezing on us, drooling on us, and stepping on our toes. Did I just describe a toddler or a horse? Either way. Get emotionally prepared. We love our horses. You love your horse. Even when they're covered in goo. It's gonna happen, and we're gonna laugh about it. That's why we're horse people! That being said, there are a few things we can do to prepare. Feed your horse, cover them in fly spray, and bring some baby wipes for the messes.

My Complete guide for preparing your horse
Step 2:

Act Natural

Easier said than done, I know! When there's a camera clicking away, we all tend to freeze up a little. No worries! We'll take our time and I will guide you as we work to get your horse to cooperate. I will tell you if you need to bend your elbow or look over a certain shoulder. I will let you know when your horse is ready to take the picture, or if you should relax for a minute and let things happen naturally. I always feel that the best photos aren't posed: they are those little moments in between!

Natural poses with horses can include walking and petting without even looking at the camera.
Posing with multiple horses can be full of smiles!
Step 3:

Go With It!

Trust me, when the perfect moment is happening, you will know! I'll be going "Oh My Gosh YES!" and snap away while your horse drools all over you, drags you, or knocks you over. Just kidding, kind of. In those moments when your horse is being a horse, just be ready to follow their lead! Look where they look, let them love you, and lean into them when they offer their shoulder. Relax, smile, laugh, and trust me. You look great.

A few things you can do:

Sarah and Disco love to snuggle in front of the camera!

Touch Your Horse.

As much as you normally would, touch your horse! Love on them, give them nose kisses, pat their necks, put a hand on their shoulders. Physical touch not only shows your connection, it can help put your horse (and yourself) at ease in front of the camera.

Lauren and Duey took a moment to cuddle while Lauren glanced over her shoulder at the camera.

Keep a little bend in your elbow!

If you've never had that shouted at you in a lesson, congratulations. You're a natural. Whether riding or taking pictures, it is still great advice! A little bend in your body can help you look relaxed and at ease.

Riley took her horse's moment of distraction as an opportunity to strike a pose!

Let them Look.

If you feel your horse pulling away, don't immediately snatch them back to your side. They are often interested in something and looking lovely and alert! Give them a minute if they aren't immediately dragging you. Look where they look, and if they stay still, work it!

Black quarter horse Levi is full of energy, so we kept him walking while Kaitlin smiled and pet him.

Keep it Moving.

They are horses. If we try to force them to stand still, they probably aren't going to do it nicely. If your horse is a wiggle worm, be ready to move with them! Horses are prettiest in motion anyways, so if yours would rather move, we will do that! You can even practice matching your steps with your horse as they walk.

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